We are Adding Associates Inc.  

We are one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters in CERAMIC, PORCELAIN, GLASSWARE & POLY RESIN items for the over 25 years and still going strong. Recently, we have expanded our business into home textile markets such as BEDDING, TABLE TOP LINENS, SHOWER COURTAINS and WINDOW TREATMENTS.  That's not it.  We also have strong relations with metal and wood factories.  Basically, everything you see around the house, from everyday home decors, seasonal products, to lawn and garden decorations; we can most certainly source them all for you with amazing prices.  You want it, we'll get it.

We have a history of exporting our products to United States.  You can also see our products from European countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany to Central/South American locations such as Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela.  Adding Associates Inc. is known for our outstanding reputation from our customers for high quality and competitive prices. We serve to please your needs.

What are you waiting for?  Act now!  Joining our family and contact us TODAY to find out how you can have the best products at the best prices with the best over-all service!

Faithfully Yours,
Adding Associates Inc.,

Eric Lee